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School Performance

Standards of Attainment

Statutory testing did not take place during 2020 and 2021. However, the tests resumed in 2022 but outcomes were not published due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the two years previous.

Statutory Assessments and reporting on these standards has resumed this year for Year 2 and Year 6. There are also national assessments standards for Reception’s ‘Good Level of Development (GLD) and Year 1 Phonics Screening.

There are no national standards for assessment comparison at the end of Years 1, 3, 4 or 5 for reading, writing, maths or spelling punctuation and grammar (SPAG).

Reception Data 2022-2023

Greater Level of Development (GLD)

National Average School
2023 67% 66%
2022 65% 65%

Year 1 Phonics Screening 2022-2023

National Average School
2023 79% 93%
2022 75% 83%

Year 2 SATs

At the end of Key Stage 1 (KS1), pupils take national curriculum tests in mathematics and English reading. They may also take an optional English grammar, punctuation and spelling test, which we undertake at High Meadow. We use scaled scores to report the outcomes of these tests to ensure we can make accurate comparisons of pupil performance over time.

Pupils scoring at least 100 will always have met the expected standard on the test. However, given that the difficulty of the tests may vary each year, the number of raw score marks needed to achieve a scaled score of 100 may also change.

Range of scaled scores and the expected standard

The range of scaled scores available for each test is the same as set in 2016 and is intended to stay the same in future years. The lowest scaled score that can be awarded on a KS1 test is 85. The highest scaled score is 115. To achieve Age Related Expectations (ARE) a child needs to achieve a minimum scaled score of 100. A child achieving a scaled score of 110 or more is deemed to be working at Greater Depth.

High Meadow Community School Year 2 Data 2022-2023

National Average 2023
ARE + 68%


National Average 2023
ARE+ 60%


National Average 2023
ARE+ 70%

National Average 2022
ARE+ 72%
(No longer statutory)
Reading Writing Maths Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation
ARE+ 77% ARE+ 74% ARE+ 77% ARE+ 61%
GD 13% GD 6% GD 10% GD 10%

Year 6 SATs

A scaled score between 100 and 120 shows that a Year 6 pupil has met the expected standard in the SATs tests, taken in May each year. The lowest scaled score that can be awarded on a Key Stage 2 test is 80; the highest is 120. A child who achieves a scaled score of 100 or more is deemed to be working at Greater Depth.

National Average 2023
ARE + 73%

GD 25%


National Average 2023
ARE+ 71%

GD 15%


National Average 2023
ARE+ 73%

GD 22%


    National Average                 2023
           ARE+ 72%


National Combined Data for R, W & M        59%

Reading Writing Maths Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Combined Data
ARE+ 87% ARE+ 90% ARE+ 77% ARE+ 93% ARE 67%
GD 33% GD 10% GD 20% GD 33% GD 7%