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At High Meadown our Physical Education (PE) curriculum provides a comprehensive and ambitious program that enables all pupils to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead healthy, active lives. Our curriculum aims to go beyond the acquisition of basic physical competencies and actively engage pupils in a wide range of physical activities, exposing them to new experiences and challenging their abilities.

Key aspects of our PE curriculum intent include:

  1. Ambitious and Inclusive Activities: We strive to expose pupils to activities they may not have previously encountered, expanding their horizons and broadening their experiences. Our curriculum encompasses a diverse range of activities, ensuring inclusivity and relevance to all pupils.

  2. Knowledge Development: We place a strong emphasis on the development of both declarative and procedural knowledge. Pupils are expected to acquire a deep understanding of key concepts, rules, tactics, and strategies across various activities. We aim to provide a curriculum that exceeds everyday knowledge, fostering a love for learning and a desire to explore new challenges.

  3. High Expectations: We maintain a climate of high expectations, encouraging pupils to rise to the challenge and put their best effort into their written work and practical performance. We provide clear structures and processes for changing time, kit, equipment usage, and facility care, ensuring a professional and disciplined approach to PE.

  4. Teacher Role Modelling: Our teachers serve as role models for pupils, demonstrating what it means to be a PE scholar. They exemplify the acquisition of knowledge and skills, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

We implement this curriculum through subscription to PE Hub, which not only meets the requirements of the national curriculum but also goes above and beyond, equipping pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead healthy, active lives and participate fully in physical activities.

PE Long Term Overview