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Our priority on entry to school is that children are taught to read. Reading is a fundamental part of everything we do at High Meadow with the explicit and systematic teaching of phonics at its core. We teach phonics and early reading with Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised programme.

Our approach is systematic and daily keep up intervention sessions are delivered to children who need extra input each day to ensure they don’t fall behind.

Our ‘Reading Squad’ deliver reading practice sessions in small groups to teach de-coding, prosody and comprehension. This ensures that children have regular practise each week and can celebrate their learning with family over the weekend.

Some children may need 1:1 intervention or small group sessions, which is assessed on a daily and weekly basis.

Children who are not reading fluently by the end of Key Stage 1 are placed on the 7+ Reading Programme, to ensure that they catch up with their peers.

We are rigorous in our approach, and committed to ensuring all children leave High Meadow Community school being able to read well and able to read in order to access all areas of the curriculum.

Our mission is to teach a love of reading, and children are exposed to high quality texts across the curriculum to support this aim.

Writing is taught though a range of exciting stimuli which includes books, film clips, artefacts, visitors, and real life experiences. Storytelling is at the core of how we teach writing.